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Seal-less Pumps. No More Mechanical Seal Issues!


Teflon-Lined Mag Drive Pumps
ANSI, Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant, Chemical Processing Industry, Metal Industry - Pickling, Etching and Plating, Scrubber Systems, Waste Water PH balancing, Chlor-Alkali. A cost effective Sub-ANSI size range is also available. Wide Hydraulic range covered for corrosive services. Rated to 250 F.
The first Mag Drive Pump designed to handle solids!

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Sulzer Dynamically Sealed Pumps
Both ANSI and ISO Rugged Designs, General Industry, Ethanol Refineries, Paper Processing, Corn Wet Milling, Power Generation and Waste Water Treatment. Not susceptible to dry run failures.
No more mechanical seals, seal flush requirements or potential process contamination!
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Sulzer ABS Submersible Pumps
A Global leader in Industrial Waste Water handling pumps - collection, transfer and processing of IWW. Non-Clogging designs, Premium Efficient (IE3) Motors, Dry Running Capability, Robust Design for maximum reliability. Complete Hydraulic Range to 28,000 GPM, 360' TDH.
Also offer a full line of Mixers and Agitators.
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Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps
ANSI, Multistage, Special Configurations to suit any unique process condition. Heat Transfer Fluids, Lethal Services, Emission Sensitive Processes. Average Meantime Between Planned Maintenance - 7.5 years! Rated to 850 F.
When potential leaks simply cannot be tolerated!
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Nomad Metallic Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
Versatile Multipurpose Pumps that are Seal-less by design. Bodies constructed of Aluminum, Ductile Cast Iron and Stainless Steel along with all popular Elastomer Options. Complete size range in stock and ready to ship. Also offer After-Market pump parts and kits that are interchangeable with many other AOD pump brands but at a discounted rate.
Pump features a patent pending NON-Stalling Air Distribution System.
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Nomad Non-Metallic Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
The Corrosion Resistant alternative to the metallic NOMAD Pump. Bodies constructed of Polypropylene accompanied with PTFE or Santoprene Elastomers for superior chemical resistance. Also offer all other popular elastomers upon request.
Complete size range in stock and ready to ship.
Nomad Internal Gear Pumps
Proven Positive Displacement design to handle high viscosity liquids. Featuring a retrofittable design when compared to the world's largest manufacturer of internal gear pumps. Thus, the NOMAD Gear pump parts are interchangeable with the leading brand.
Low Cost, High Quality products!
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Dynaflow Mag Drive Gear Pumps
Positive Displacement Hermetically Sealed pumps which offers a constant and pulseless flow rate over a wide range of system pressures. Flow rates from .10 to 8 gpm with pressures up to 100psi.
Available in both Metallic and Non-metallic designs.
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FTI Sub-ANSI Non-Metallic Mag Drive Pumps
Lighter Duty, Either Horizontal or Vertically Submersed Designs. Polypropylene or Kynar Composite Construction. Run Dry Capability!
Featuring a Self- Priming Design.
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Proud to Offer These Complimentary Pump & Accessory Products:

Polymer Composite Baseplates (Corrosion Resistant, Vibration Damping and provides Superior Flatness).
Drum Pumps (55 gallon drums, totes, etc.).
Metering Pumps - Precision Flow Applications. Also offers complete chemical feed system and accessory items.
Self-Priming Trash Pumps (Sump pump applications).
Power Monitors (Pump Protection from Dry Running).
Multi-Stage Pumps, Split Case Pumps, Vertical Pit Pumps and other Special Configurations. Also offer Chemical Mixers & Chest Agitators.
Industrial Vertical Immersion Sump Pumps. Wide Range of Applications. Capacities to 300gpm and Heads to 230'. Pit Depths to 26'.

PumpTek Is Proud to Offer These Services:

  • Field Service
  • Pump Repair
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Engineering Support
  • Inspection Evaluation


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